Dear Sir... klassischer Fall von selbst reingelegt

Dingens Mueller
Gblablastrasse 23534
1 Berlin

Office of the Parking Clerk
Boston City Hall
Boston MA 02201

Berlin 19.09.93 (

Dear Sir or Madam,

During my stay in Boston this august, I parked my rented car somehow wrong and got a violation ticket. (23946259-1 08.07.93) I tried to pay the ticket by sending you a check from my bank.
As far as I understand, you ask me
-not to send money
-not to send checks drawn on a foreign bank.
Since I don´t have a bank account at an US or Canadian bank, my question is: How can I pay the fine?

Best regards

Dingens Mueller

enclosed: copy of violation ticket, your letter from the 08/19/93, my check

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